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You can find many of my articles at Massage Therapy Canada.  Also, be sure to listen to our new podcast On the Table.

Below are a sampling of some of the articles.

Charting in the Electronic Age

Charting is an essential component of a massage therapist’s practice.  Beyond regulatory record-keeping requirements, charting provokes a practitioner to listen attentively and analyze critically when capturing a subject’s case history, measuring benchmark neuro-musculoskeletal and quality of life indicators and comparing these to post-session outcomes.  Charting and forming a treatment plan provides the compass, keeping the practitioner on track towards realizing patient/client objectives.  Read more….

Break-Through; Tangible Opportunities for Your Massage Therapist Practice

In Boom & Bust (MTC Spring 2015), I described the economic drivers nurturing the growth of the massage therapy profession, as well as threats (some self-imposed) stalling it’s evolution during this economy shift. In this article, I’ll outline several marketplace developments that are changing the way massage therapists deliver service, and some tangible markets the profession can explore.  Read more….

Are Your Employable?

While many massage therapists assume they will work as self-employed contractors, the marketplace is presenting new challenges. With more competition, higher costs to entry-level practice and the demand for sophisticated business skills, massage therapists (RMTs) are increasingly forging a career in corporations brokering massage therapy services. RMTs require training to ensure they are work-ready, and strong candidates will need to display a number of qualities to be considered highly employable.  Read more….

12 Low or No-Hands-On Ways to Generate Massage Therapy Income

Many massage practitioners provide care based on the time and labor-intensive model they learned in school. If our desire is to make a reasonable living from practicing massage, this 60 minute, all hands-on model limits our capacity to provide care, induces repetitive strain over time, and limits our ability to generate sufficient means for ourselves and our families.

Read more….

Moving the RMT Profession Forward

This is a short interview at the Massage Therapy Canada Business Forum 2015 where I discuss problems with professional stagnation and opportunities we can act on.

More media will be added over time.  Thanks for viewing/reading!


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