What Market Sector Do You Work In?

Salutations my fellow practitioners!

I need your help.  I’m working diligently on a considerable update to the 2010 book Massage Therapist Practice: Start, Sustain, Succeed.  The thoroughly revised manual will have 12 modules, building from entry-level practice to upper-level practice development.

MTP coverI’ll release a table of contents for the book soon, but for now I’d like to get some feedback on the section called “Place”.

Place is one of the 4 variables in the marketing mix theory (the others being product, pricing and promotion) and I’m attempting to capture the nuances between different workspaces / market sectors served by massage practitioners and how services are delivered.

Specifically I write about design differences between the market sectors, plus upside and downside of working in each.  I would greatly appreciate feedback on the following short document to see if I’ve missed or misrepresented anything.  Click here ymtp_place

Write me at don@MassageTherapistPractice.com or visit the Facebook discussion at https://www.facebook.com/Massage-Therapist-Practice-222743724456748/

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


p.s.  I promise my face will not be on the cover this time…it will be tucked away in the book somewhere, much smaller, hardly noticeable.

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