MT Charting Templates: More Samples!

Greetings Massage Therapist/Practitioner!

Sharing draft intake and assessment templates in the previous post, I’ve had several RMTs graciously send in their templates for your perusal.  Please have a look at templates by Dan Carell (intake and treatment), Claire Tonack (intake) and Jan Scott (intake and treatment).

Thanks to these RMTs for helping to generate further reflection, discussion, debate…and eventually better processes. Here again are my intake and initial assessment templates for your review.

New topic: I’ve been receiving more inquiries re: electronic charting and on-line practice applications.  I’ve been approached by several software developers wondering how to improve the software to make it more functional to RMTs/LMTs.

Are you considering a jump to a practice management system in digital format?  What programs have your reviewed?  Your impression?  What criteria would your ideal program have? Please share your thoughts below or post on our Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “MT Charting Templates: More Samples!

  1. Stephanie B. wrote me a direct email suggesting practitioners should ensure their intake and assessment forms comply with the standards and requirements of their regulatory body. Although some history is gathered verbally, I concur it is a good idea to include all the necessary questions in an intake form.

    For Ontario you can find Standard 6 which outlines medical history to screen for at The CMTO also provides a sample intake form here and treatment note template here

  2. Hey Don thanks for posting this.

    A note on context, I was asked to do a home visit where I’d be treating 5-7 people in succession. I made up that intake form as a way to help facilitate the process – the first page is the intake for the patient, and the back page is my treatment notes.


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