Think Differently, Earn More

Perhaps you’ve plateaued. You’re working as hard as you can and you’re concerned your hands are going to give out. Is it about working harder, or thinking differently?

I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of interviewing a number of RMTs over the years that applied novel delivery-of-care models, or found ways to scale up the number of patrons they provide care to. With that increased ability to serve also comes an ability to earn higher than average incomes.

In the RMTAO Massage Therapist Earnings Survey, 2013, the average annual income in 2012 was $42,771 from all sources.

Yet look closely…the highest income reported was $220,000. What was the latter practitioner doing that generated over 5 x the average RMT income?

You may gain some insights from reading about these 5 RMTs and how they approached things differently. Enjoy.

Therapists Who Mean Business

Scale Up: Beyond Your Delivery-of-Care Model

This RMT is Laser-Focused

Tools, Team & Technology: Incorporating Variables that can Transform Your Practice

Can a Delivery-of-Care Model Be RMT-Centric? Yes Indeed!

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