Spa Snubbing, Membership-Based Massage, and other “touchy” issues

Greetings! Don Dillon 2014_webOver the last half year I’ve sorely neglected my blog to write in Massage Therapy Canada’s blog, particularly on “touchy” issues (I know, horribly punny).

First I wrote on how acupuncture and naturopathic services – once considered fringe and alternative – surpassed massage therapy in gaining exemption from the HST consumption tax in Ontario.  How embarrassing for RMTs!  How illustrative of our profession’s ability (or not) to work together on substantive issues.

I also spoke up on what amounts to professional snobbery of massage therapists working in spas.  Spa massage is a key component of the heritage and growth of the profession, and spa therapists needn’t apologize or be made to feel inferior.

Next, I decided to tackle some of the misperceptions regarding membership-based massage businesses.  No doubt this business model is disruptive to the way we’ve done business in the past, and is frightening many practitioners.  However, I encourage RMTs not to let fear be their counsel and instead explore opportunity in engaging and even integrating this newer platform of delivering massage services.

Finally, I took exception to some of the conclusions drawn by an RMT new to practice suggesting, I perceived, that RMTs weren’t acting morally if not adopting research into their regular practice.  I suggested she may not be sensitive to the concerns of seasoned RMTs, nor our strained relationships with insurers.

I’ll make you an agreement.  I’ll keep writing if you keep reading, thinking, applying, advocating and pushing for a better profession.  Deal? Hope to see you at the Massage Therapy Canada Business Forum, September 14


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