Patient/Client Experience: What the Data Says

How well do your patients/clients respond to care?  How do you know?

We all hope we are doing a good job, and that people have a wonderful experience.  However, we may not hear back on an adverse reaction, the level of reduction in symptoms, or an unexpected benefit (reduction in anxiety, better sleep quality) that a person may experience as a result of our session together.

Perhaps you can consider designing a survey, like the example below I did on SurveyMonkey.

With a free service like SurveyMonkey (upgrade to paid premium service is available) you can dig deeper into the experience and outcomes of those you provide care for.

SurveyMonkey provides a variety of formats for answers  – checkbox, multiple choice, slider-scale, text box – so you can design a survey to solicit feedback anonymously.  You simply provide the survey link by email after each session, and stop in to analyze your results every week.

Can you imagine the anecdotal evidence the profession would gain if we all applied surveys?

I’m running a survey for 6 weeks to gain some valuable insight.  If you conduct a survey, please comment below and let the community know of your interesting findings!



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